About Us

Maison CR was founded by Christophe Vialette and Morgan Roial. They were childhood friends who grew up in the South of France and later met up again in New York City over a decade ago. Over the years, they have collaborated to create a vision for a company that compounds their love for wine with their experiences growing up in the French Riviera.

For Christophe and Morgan, the gathering of friends and family for sharing drinks (aperitifs) and meals was ingrained in them. It is a way of life in the South of France and quality Provençal rosé wine is a big part of this culture.

After spending more and more time in the United States, Christophe and Morgan noticed that outside of New York City and some other big metropolitan areas, good Provençal rosés and other wines from their region were hard to come by. When available, the collection would usually be limited.

Thus, one of the first goals for the team was to produce a line of quality rosés from Provençe and introduce them to the USA and other parts of the world. This first line of wines is named Cœur de Rosé which translates as “Heart of Rosé” and is produced near Saint Tropez. It is available as both a “Prestige” and “Réserve”.

Over time, Maison CR has added other wines to their offering, including an IGP rosé called Côte d’Azur Sélection.