Le Chai Marceau Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay (750mL)

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Burgundy – Chardonnay

Grape Varieties Used:


Tasting Notes & Pairings:

A clear and crystalline light golden robe, decorated with green reflections, this white Burgundy reveals aromas of peaches and nectarines. On the palate, an aromatic wine, fine without being light, ample without being heavy, unctuous and firm, dry and caressing, wrapped and quite deep, not well built but persistent.

This white Burgundy succeeds in combining opposites in the mouth, which makes it versatile in the kitchen.  With its wide and persistent aromatic register, this Chardonnay is ideal for preparing fish and other seafood. It is a perfect accompaniment to cheese, especially Brie, Vacherin, Saint- Nectaire, Mont-d’Or, Beaufort and Gruyeres.

Best Served:

Serve chilled between 50°-54° F (10°-12 °C)

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White Burgundy wines come mostly from piedmont vineyards where a gentle slope leads from the base of mountains to a section of flatter land.  The Mâconnais district is located in the south of the Burgundy wine region in France, west of the Saône river. The climate and the terroir of the vineyards here creates the perfect environment to grow and harvest these chardonnay grapes.

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